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Great video and a fantastic intro for OSRS gold players

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    September 27, 2019 11:32 AM IST
    Great video and a fantastic intro for OSRS gold players who might be on the fence as to whether to play with or not. By what I have observed Runescape also seems considerably more grindy than it used to be, however this might be an unfair assumption as most content creators concentrate more on perfect accounts, pking and grinding instead of the things I used to perform all the time (clan wars, castle wars largely ). Either way, if you are fresh, play Runescape - .You can get things to train Herblore, Farming & Prayer, all fairly while slaying and they are like mini quests in themselves.

    This won't make you happy because you don't like the battle of Runescape, but this is a grind. It's always switching things up.I've gotten to level 94 over a couple of months as an ironman, and I am between 50-80 on each skill but the sole grinding I've done is when I am writing or watching a movie and I would love to perform some of the menial tasks in the background.

    "And because you stated you didn't really read any of my good criticisms" You're the one not reading. I read that your"good" criticisms, they have been largely crap, but I did not want to thrust a very long response upon you sooner.

    "The economy is mainly broken, NPC stores are unworthy and inflation is an issue" This the one thing you state that makes sense, but everyone knows it.
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