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    June 1, 2019 8:26 AM IST
    Socceroos, Matildas release new kit: looking back at Australia's best and worst kits

    The Socceroos and Matildas have released their new kit for 2016, but the early reviews are unfortunately middling at best. External Link:Loukas Founten tweets the Socceroos and Matildas modelling the new kit

    Sure, the shirt is a nice shade of gold, but it carries too much of a paint-job-on-a-Sunday casual T-shirt vibe.

    That's not even mentioning the fact the shorts in the Socceroos' promotional material do not even seem to match the colour of Golden Goose the shirt, throwing finnicky fashionistas into a state of apoplexy.

    In a bumpy start for the kit's rating, it scores a 5 out of 10 for aesthetics, and a dodgy "not applicable" in the memories department.

    Pining for better times, we look back at the Socceroos' best and worst kits since the turn of the century.2001-03: Obsession with green ends in heartbreak Photo: Australia was left green with envy as Uruguay qualified for the 2002 World Cup at the Socceroos' expense. (Getty Images: Gary M Prior)

    The designers behind the primarily green kit with yellow flourishes were probably ahead of their time, given the "they'll buy anything, these days" attitude that pervades the thinking behind Australia's current Twenty20 outfit. External Link:Australia beats England 3-1 at Craven Cottage

    Nevertheless, this was the period of another failed attempt at qualifying for the World Cup, ending in play-off misery against Uruguay.

    On the plus side, the spruced up number in 2003 did net us a 3-1 win over England.

    Also: a 31-0 win over American Samoa. They won't mess with us again.

    Aesthetics: 5/10Memories: 3/102004: Oceania Cup champions, the world quakes in fear Photo: Rare green glory ... the world was Australia's oyster after beating Solomon Islands in the Oceania Cup final. (Getty Images: Nick Laham)

    A return to yellow sensibilities for Australia with a pastel number that brings with it unprecedented glory in the Oceania Cup.

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