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    March 11, 2019 12:07 PM IST
    To make ourselves feel more special from the lack of love from our friends and family and to make their brands more exclusive [url=]High Quality Valentino Replica Bags[/url] , many brands are now allowing customers to ‘customize’ their bags by engraving their customers’ initials or names on their accessories. All for a hefty price, of course.I have seen my brother getting his initials engraved on his leather belt long ago, and more recently has seen my mother getting her initials sewn to the inside of her coat pocket. I thought it was stupid to brand your items, so I asked my mom ‘why do you want your initials on your clothing?’ She responded, “so that everyone and I know that it’s mine.” Good point. With several of my accessories disappearing lately, I might just be a new fan of branding, or rather personalizing your items. That way, if someone else ever decides to steal your stuff [url=]High Quality wallet Replica[/url] , it’s pretty noticeable that they’re wearing or carrying something that’s not theirs. Now that I think of it, there should be a tracking system for your more expensive purchases.Anyhow, many name brands are now providing exclusive personalization services. Louis Vuitton has created their Mon Monogram, where you can get your initials painted on the canvas before the coating so that your name won’t be rubbed off. Bottega Veneta has an extremely exclusive service for very few items where you can get your name engraved on the hardware. Perhaps when I have more money, I will invest in personalization. Oh, the price of feeling special. Louis Vuitton is well known for surprising its fans with seasonal collections. Vuitton's assortment is huge in comparison to its competitors, which is not surprising considering Vuitton is known world-wide for its leather goods, secondary to its other offerings. Vuitton often releases capsule collections or exclusive collaborations that revamp the brand's most iconic bags [url=]Cheap Quality YSL Replica Bags[/url] , often with a focus on Vuitton's renowned monogram canvas styles.For Spring 2019, Louis Vuitton has taken both its classic favorites as well as its current favorites and adorned them with new detailing. The collection is called the Love Lock Collection. As the name alludes, each bag is embellished with hearts, locks and keys. Vuitton's classic monogram bags feature colorful and metallic motifs, while its leather bags are decorated with gold and silver-toned tiny locks and Monogram Flower hardware. As always, these bags differ in price than their, shall I say basic, counterparts. For example an epi leather Alma BB will cost you $1 [url=]High Quality Replica Designer Bags Online[/url] ,620, while its updated Love Lock version will set you back $2,170. The most notable bags from this collection are the New Wave Chain Bags, which were released last Spring, but continue to be a push for the brand. Seasonal collections are a great way to create repeat buyers for some of the brand's best sellers. Check out bags from the collection below.

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