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Sevenoak Pro Motorized Rotating Time Lapse Tripod Head

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    January 11, 2018 7:26 pm IST
    Sevenoak Pro Motorized Rotating Time Lapse Tripod Head Camera Mount for iPhone GoPro Action Canon 5D2 5D Nikon D800 D300 Panasonic Camcorder HD DSLR Cameras
    Multiple preset options allow full control of panning range & time duration 7 panning angle adjustments: 360, 180, 90, 60, 45, 30, 15 degrees
    Four time duration periods - 5, 15, 30 & 60 minute intervals maximum panning speed of 360 degrees in 5 minutes
    Clockwise or counter-clockwise operation and heavy-duty aluminum turntable supports cameras and lenses up to 4 pounds
    Standard 1/4-20 threaded mounts for attaching to tripods & other devices internal rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation
    Includes iPhone/smartphone holder and GoPro adapter
    This is a specially designed electronic panorama ball head for smart phone, Gopro cameras and light weight camera around 1.5KG. SK-EBH01 is an easy-to-use time lapse device, users can set different rotating angle and time directly on the device. Comes with 1/4" screw thread on the top for mounting camera and comes with 1/4" screw hole at the bottom, so it can be used together with tripod, slider or any other device with 1/4" screw thread. With SK-EBH01, users make time lapse videos easily with low budget.

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