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Best Motorized Camera Slider‎ for your video

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    January 10, 2018 2:27 pm IST
      As a photography enthusiast, if someone asks you to say, "Would you use a camera rig?", I do not know what you think, and I'm sure someone will be in my heart. "Are you sick!" "You're an idiot "" I'm so stupid? ", Yes, in fact, talking about the camera rig, playing photography friends, most of them are used, but also will feel very simple, do not need any technical content, go there a camera A pack, Kaka Kaga enough.

      If you really think so, too naive, hey hey hey, in fact, a lot of stress on the camera rig today Ximeng Canon digital camera store to inventory for everyone to use camera rig What are the tips and should pay attention to the place.

      Break apart its legs against yourself

      Yes, do not worry, you do not accidentally opened should not look, here we are still super serious, practical dry goods to share.

      Here is to share with you, camera rig's legs, placement is also pay attention to drops. If you think the three feet can be visited at any time, as long as the smooth on the line, then you are definitely not a qualified camera rig users Oh. Technically and experimentally, the best position for the camera rig's three legs should be: one pointing in the direction of the lens and the other two opening up against themselves.

    Support camera rigs
    SK-T1 Durable Mini Tripod
    SK-QBP01 Universal 15mm Rail Rod Support Baseplate
    Shoulder Support rig mini SK-VC01
    Shoulder support rig SK-R01
    SK-VH10 Multifunctional Pocket Rig

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