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New Handheld Camera Stabilizer From sevenoak 2018

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    January 9, 2018 2:36 pm IST
      Early, large camera body, in addition to handheld photography, most of the filming of mobile lenses when laying track and use the rocker. However, the track requires flat ground, it is difficult to adapt to the mountain, stairs and complex and narrow indoor environment; and heavy rocker arm, mobility. In order to solve the above problem, in the early seventies, Garrett Brown invented a relatively lightweight stabilizer, later renamed Steadicam.

      The first film to be taken with Steadicam was the Oscars' best film, Rocky, in 1976, and the stable device became popular. Although Steadicam can not replace the orbit and rocker arm, Steadicam is more lightweight and saves time and labor than theirs. The more love the more movies choose Steadicam shooting moving lens.

      However, Steadicam operation is one of the most difficult work in photography, not only requires photographers to have a variety of photographic skills, but also must have good physical fitness. Because most of the shots taken with Steadicam are long shots, the photographer carries a few kilos (or even longer) of equipment that weighs several kilos, taking the director's exact intentions and ensuring the beauty of the picture.

      Forty years of history of Steadicam have left many wonderful shots for us. Like all machines, originally created to solve the problem, with the development, genius film people through the lens and for the cold equipment to add rich content and meaning. As a young filmmaker, not only should you try to use this machine, you also need to understand its aesthetic significance.

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    September 5, 2018 8:29 pm IST

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