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The best Sevenoak Gimbal Stabilizer for your Gopro

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    January 9, 2018 2:14 pm IST
      In recent two years, with the update of photography technology, Steadicam technology has gradually become an indispensable shooting method, and the field has also gradually widened. From movies to TV shows, from sports events to variety shows, the most crucial point is that at present Steadicam photography staff is still in a state of extreme shortage, so small partners, the opportunity to slightly ~ ~


      Camera stabilizer. A lightweight movie camera stand that can be carried by hand. Created by American Garrett Brown (who is not only inventor of Steadicam and one of Hollywood's top Stanikan photographers), it has been widely used in the industry since the 1970s. This article, with everyone about STAN Nikon, see what it is working principle. Then, is the use of the film Ha!

      About balance

      When you are walking or running (and other sports), the body will produce more or less shaking. Maybe you've never noticed these sloshing, because the human brain will automatically adjust the information it receives through the eye.

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