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Professional Handheld Camera Stabilizer Dslr Video - sevenoak

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    January 8, 2018 1:50 pm IST
      In recent years, various short video APP can be said to be quite popular, from second shot, fast hand, shaking sound, volcano video and so on can be clearly felt, so for live or real video shooting people may not be simple Like shooting short video as easily pick up the phone can get, more is to pursue the stability of the shooting screen as well as the convenience of shooting itself, then today, where everyone and take a look at handheld video camera stabilizer What are the effects and advantages of shooting.

      Handheld PTZ camera stabilizer features

      Literally to understand is not difficult, since it is called camera stabilizer, then the most important of which is certainly stable, sub-where the main target is the phone handheld camera stabilizer, which is the phone directly to the camera stabilizer, with one hand can Start shooting to achieve the stability of the shooting screen, in short, when we outdoor shooting, or sports shooting, when the lens needs to move quickly, if only a simple hand-held shooting, shooting the screen there will be a strong shake, I believe everyone When shooting video will have this experience it!

      Handheld PTZ camera stabilizer advantages

      To say that advantage, this is really nothing directly comparable, because sub-where there is no specific product involved, but simply for handheld camera stabilizer in terms of this aspect, but also with sub-self Some of the ideas to briefly talk about my purchase of handheld camera PTZ camera sole purpose is to shoot a stable video only, because if the phone directly shoot the video screen is too shaky, and not suitable for sports shooting, such as the most The direct is the outdoor broadcast, what other advantages of the sub really nothing.
    camera stabilizer
    SK-W01N Precision Camera Stabilizer
    SK-W02N Sevenoak Camera stabilizer
    SK-PSC1 Handheld Smart Grip
    Video stabilizer with built in microphone MicRig Stereo
    SK-H02 Video Stabilizing Top Handle
    SK-W02 Sevenoak Camera stabilizer
    SK-W08 Mini Action Stabilizer
    SK-SW Pro 1 Mini Handheld Carbon Fiber Stabilizer
    SK-SW Pro 2 Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer
    SK-HS1 Handheld Video Stabilizer Pro Big Size
    Support camera rigs
    SK-T1 Durable Mini Tripod

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    September 5, 2018 8:18 pm IST

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