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Professional Results with sevenoak camera stabilizer

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    January 8, 2018 1:44 pm IST
      Shooting when using the three-axis camera stabilizer, if you carelessly walk, the picture will be up and down beating. If you are still a novice use of camera stabilizer, this situation will happen often. Even if you are walking, you do not realize it. In fact, every step you take, will cause the body to move up and down. Many people like to hold the camera stabilizer at the hip buttocks, because that is the most comfortable. If your camera stabilizer supports turning the camera over, mention the camera flush with the line of sight so you can raise the camera at least 4 feet without any movement. Many non-video clips, there are many people do not lift the camera stabilizer between the waist and shoulder, sometimes very useful, but if the entire film is completed in this location shooting, it is a bit too casual.

      It's important to be sure that the height of the camera and the story you want to express are on the main line. Almost everyone has to deal with it. Holding something so heavy in front of me and holding it even for hours. If you have a back injury, but has been bent over his chest, is equal to always let the shoulder force. This is very bad for the body, so be careful to control the hard back. Keep your shoulders and back straight, shoulders and buttocks upright in a line, to avoid excessive force. Of course, if you want to control the camera stabilizer in the chest, you also want to make it as close as possible to the body, to avoid excessive loss of physical fitness.

      Operating the camera stabilizer is a very laborious one, and it is important to save physical effort to shoot useful scenes. You can shoot some clips in advance to the director of photography to see. This will not have been holding the camera stabilizer, you can put it on the C-lamp holder or comes with lamp holder. This will save space, that is, take the necessary pictures, do not always have a camera stabilizer. When unnecessary, you do not need to keep it physically.

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