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Choosing The Best Camera Stabilizer or Support For Your Video

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    January 8, 2018 1:38 pm IST
      There are more and more friends taking photos or videos on mobile phones. Lightweight portable absolutely meet our play and daily shooting, but also directly to the circle of friends. However, when using a mobile phone to record the video because of the relationship with the hand-held, always out of the picture is staggering, so did not want to shoot the second time, especially affect the perception. In order to prevent this phenomenon, there are some cell phone camera stabilizer on the market.

      Wanxiang camera stabilizer has now become an indispensable tool in the film production process, they are extremely stable, eliminating the jitter problems encountered when almost all handheld cameras, more and more everyone's welcome. Of course it is also flawed, the camera's bearing, size, and the universal design of the camera stabilizer itself, the weight system, etc., have put its price to a new level;

      When I saw this product from the first glance, I believe I have left an impression on its simple and smooth shape design. It is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with custom built-in electronics for lightweight and durable features. With aluminum brackets, it fits freely on walls, tables, vehicles, tripods and more. All adjustment points are using thumb screws, making the camera stabilizer leveling speed in seconds.
    camera stabilizer
    SK-W01N Precision Camera Stabilizer
    SK-W02N Sevenoak Camera stabilizer
    SK-PSC1 Handheld Smart Grip
    Video stabilizer with built in microphone MicRig Stereo
    SK-H02 Video Stabilizing Top Handle
    SK-W02 Sevenoak Camera stabilizer
    SK-W08 Mini Action Stabilizer
    SK-SW Pro 1 Mini Handheld Carbon Fiber Stabilizer
    SK-SW Pro 2 Sevenoak Pro Camera Stabilizer
    SK-HS1 Handheld Video Stabilizer Pro Big Size
    Handheld Camera stabilizer Pro Medium SK-SW02N V2

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