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imagine how I’d run with a new arm’

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    December 29, 2017 11:51 am IST
    Petrolul Ploiesti are a club in a hurry. The Yellow Wolves’ 3-1 first-round defeat of Liverpool in the 1966 European Cup is still cherished in the small industrial city 40 miles north of Bucharest where they play. These, though, are harder times. After going bankrupt two years ago and losing their first-division status, Petrolul were re-formed in the fourth tier. If one of Romania’s most prominent clubs are to meet their target of returning to the top flight by 2019, they have no time to waste. Browns Shop In their 19-year-old striker Cosmin Lambru, Petrolul have a young wolf leading the charge. But there is more to Lambru’s story than that of a player helping to revive a storied football club. When Lambru came on in Petrolul’s cup win against CS Mioveni in October, his appearance caused quite a stir. A white bandage on his left forearm masked a terrible truth: a plastic prosthesis replacing his hand. Youth Ted Williams Authentic White Majestic Jersey: MLB Boston Red Sox #9 Home Cool Base “It’s no Womens Winnipeg Jets Jersey problem, I can talk about it without much bother,” Lambru says. “I was playing with my friends on the side of the road, in my village. A large truck came towards us. I saw it was too big for a narrow street like ours and got myself under a gas pipe. The driver lost control, the truck came my direction and my hand got caught between the cabin and the pipe. “I can’t describe the pain I felt when the truck hit my hand. I took a look at it and it was wide open; I could only see bones, flesh and blood. It’s a black day, a black memory for me. I was the only one injured in the accident. Everything in my arm was torn and crushed. I was in shock.” Lambru was seven years old. He was immediately taken to hospital and sent straight into surgery. He feared he could lose his arm and never play football again. “The doctors in Ploiesti did great, I owe them a lot,” he said. “I had no wrist in the left arm, so every contact could have meant a bone fracture – I had Womens Adrian Wilson Jersey no mobility at all. Thanks to the doctors, after two months Calvin Pickard Authentic Jersey I could dream about being on the pitch again.” The surgeons extracted fat from his abdomen and implanted it on his arm. Lambru was confined to his hospital bed for a month and a half. “I had to hold my arm right next to my abdomen and stand still because otherwise I would have risked the wound opening up and getting infected,” he says. “It was tough but doing what the doctors asked made sure I could hope about playing football again. I followed all their advice. “I was thinking about football nonstop. Even while I was in the hospital my dad helped with a TV set so I could watch games. I remember there was an important derby in the Romanian league and I desperately wanted to see it. Dad got some cables in my room, made a big effort so I didn’t miss the game.” Lambru’s life was changed completely by the accident. Originally left-handed, he needed to learn to write and eat with his right and understandably he struggled. “I had just one arm, I couldn’t do the same things I did before. I was just a kid, I couldn’t comprehend what had really happened to me. And I never thought of the consequences. I just went with the flow, got everything done step by step. I never thought about things getting harder, like I do now, after having confronted them. For example, I can’t drive a normal car, it has to be automatic. I had to visit all sorts of specialists and get all kinds of approvals before being accepted for a driver’s licence course.” Football helped Lambru to accept his new self. “Against Artem Anisimov Authentic Jersey all odds, I returned to training after a few weeks. I was very happy I could be with the boys again. I worked harder than before, 10 times harder. And I became a different player. My speed, my movement, everything changed. I had to reinvent myself. I had a very strong desire to show what I’m made of. To win every game, every cup, everything I was involved in.” This new approach transformed the talented seven-year-old. Lambru was made captain and scored at least 50 goals every season with Petrolul’s youth teams. His father had played in the second division but he has loftier ambitions. “I dream of playing for Barcelona,” he says. “I love Messi, I love his style, I love their football. They are an amazing team.” Wholesale MLB Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys All Jerseys Supply Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Paypal Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal Wholesale Jerseys Usa

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