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SevenOak SK-ECH03 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head

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    December 7, 2017 7:57 am IST
      SK-ECH03 is a 2 axis remote controlled Electronic ball head designed for use on Jib Arms, Tripods or sliders. It features adjustable positioning.

      The controller has a joystick that gives the head precision pan and tilt 360 degree movement from a slow crawl up to the required speed. The Joystick will also pan and tilt simultaneously.

      The head's camera plate is adjustable for different size cameras and will support up to 5kg. Its powered by a rechargeable battery (not included) or can be powered from a supplied AC adaptor. LED lights indicate when the unit is switched on

      Specifications: Product weight: 2.6kg / 3 sockets: 1 x 12V DC in socket, 2 x motor sockets / Drive: 2 Custom-geared motors / Maximum Camera Weight: 5kg / Pan movement: 360 degree / Tilt movement: 360 degree

      Fastest speed: 3.3rpm/min / Slowest speed: 0.5rpm/min / AC adapter input: AC 100-240V / Output: DC 12V-2A / Control cable length: 6 meters camera dolly Camera Follow Focus Gimbal Tripod Head video camera slider Gimbal Head

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