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SevenOak SK-LED160T LED on Camera

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    December 7, 2017 7:55 am IST
      SevenOak SK-LED160T LED on Camera Light 160 High Intensity 6000 MCD

      SK-LED160T is a lightweight on-camera light with 160 high intensity 6000 MCD LEDs that provide 3200K~5600K light. It mounts on DSLR cameras and camcorders using the built-in shoe or the included shoe mount that has a female 1/4"-20 thread for attaching the light to stands and tripods. The light is powered by 6x AA battery or Sony battery NP F550, NP570. A small ball head is supplied for mounting the light onto the camera hot shoe. Also standard shoes and shoe mounts on the sides and top of the light, enables SK-LED160T to be connected horizontally or vertically to form a large panel. Features: Lightweight, Portable and compact / 54 high intensity 6000 MCD LEDs / High quality and long lifespan / Brightness adjustable / Color temperature adjustable / Battery power indicator / Multiple battery options / Expandable: multiple units may be connected to form a large panel. Specification: LED: 160 LEDs / Color Temperature: 3200K~5600K+/- 300K / Batteries: 6x AA batteries or Sony NP-F550, NP F570 etc. / Thread: Female 1/4"-20 / Mounts: Standard shoe mount. Components included: LED light / A small ball head / A fog White color filter and a orange color filter

      SK-LED160T is a lightweight on-camera light with 160 high intensity 6000 MCD LEDs that provide 3200K~5600K light.

      It mounts on DSLR cameras and camcorders using the built-in shoe or the included shoe mount that has a female 1/4"-20 thread for attaching the light to stands and tripods.

      Features: Lightweight Portable & compact / High quality and long lifespan / Brightness adjustable / Color temperature adjustable / Expandable: multiple units may be connected to form a large panel.

      Multiple battery options: The light is powered by 4x AA battery or Sony battery NP F550, NP570 and has a Battery power indicator

      Components included: LED light / A small ball head / A fog White color filter and a orange color filter dslr camera slider video camera slider jib arm dslr camera cage camera viewfinder camera dolly
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