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SevenOak Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head Adapter for DLSR

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    December 7, 2017 7:38 am IST
      SevenOak SK-GH04 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head Adapter for DLSR

      Sevenoak SK-GH04 is a carbon fiber gimbal head adapter designed for large telephoto lenses and DSLR cameras. It is ideal for photography involving long, heavy telephoto lenses in sports or nature photography

      Working with a long lens on a standard hall head or tilt head can be a real struggle, distracting you from the photography. The gimbal head adapter makes the camera and lens seem almost weightless
      Vertical and horizontal tracking of moving objects becomes a relatively simple feat not possible with any other support system.

      An Arca-Swiss-compatible quick release plate is included. And it fits with Arca-Swiss-compatible QR clamp on a heavy-duty ball head.

      Features: Weightless freedom of camera movement / Quick and easy tracking of moving objects / Ideal for long telephoto lenses / Fluid panning and tilting. Load capacity: 20kg dslr camera cage jib arm dslr camera slider shoulder camera rig handheld camera stabilizer tripod head

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