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Best Camera Rig Mount for Video Camera DV Camcorder

  • December 5, 2017 7:34 am IST
      CowboyStudio Premium Shoulder Support Camera Rig Mount for Video Camera DV Camcorder HD DSLR, SK-VC01

      I purchased this shoulder mount because I have started shooting video with a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. Ideally, a tripod should always be used when shooting video, but that's not always practical. The reason that TV news camera people are able to get acceptable hand held shots is that their cameras are heavier than consumer models and are mounted on the shoulder. This shoulder mount is well made of anodized aluminum, but when you put a DSLR, or other small camera on it, it's too light to achieve steady shots. I would like to see attachable weights offered as an accessory.

      Update- After searching for weights which could be attached to this rig, I finally hit on the idea of using the small round weights made for the Opteka hand held video stabilizer. I ordered four of these weights, giving me a little less than two pounds of counter balance. To attach them to the rig, I simply fashioned a small plate from flat aluminum stock and attached it to the back of the rig. The weights hang from that and can be added or removed as necessary. camera viewfinder dslr camera cage jib arm dslr camera slider camera stabilier

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