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More information about Video Camera Steadycam Stabilizer

  • December 5, 2017 7:26 am IST
      Sevenoak SK-W02 Handheld Grip Video Camera Steadycam Stabilizer Support up to 2.2 lbs for DSLR Camera Canon EOS T6 Sony DV Nikon D3300 D3400 Camcorders
      The Sevenoak SK-W02 handheld steadycam is a video stabilizer system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on compact cameras and lightweight camcorders up to 2.2 pounds.
      The SK-W02 features aluminum construction, comfortable handle grip, super-smooth gimbal, built-in spirit level, rubberized camera mount and additional 3pcs weight.
      Supports cameras with 1/4 screw, 4/3 cameras, DVs, cell phones and light weight DSLR up to 2.2lbs(1kg)
      Built with Aluminum construction and stainless steel counter-weight (Can add or reduce according to the weight of your device)
      With comfortable grip handle for fatigue and shake reduce, support up to 2.2 lb.
      Built in spirit level make it very easy to identify its balance
      Super gimbal for smooth and flexible motion shoulder camera rig dslr camera slider gimbal tripod head tripod head

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