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Use Your Tripod as a Makeshift Camera Rig for Stabilization

  • December 5, 2017 7:19 am IST
      Sevenoak SK-T1 Tripod Camera rig and Micnova MQ-PR1 Wireless Remote Control Shutter Release for IOS iPhone 8 7 7 plus 6s 6 iPad iPod Touch Samsung Android Smartphone

      Smartphone Podcast Selfie Shoot Kit - Sevenoak SK-T1 Tripod and Micnova MQ-PR1 Remote Control

      360 Degree Panorama - Mini ball head designed for 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt, allowing you to get the perfect shot every time, best for portrait or landscape

      Extension Tube - Can be used as a extendable grip, make SK-T1 camera rig as a professional tripod after install it on the mini stand

      Micnova MQ-PR1 shutter release is small enough to have with you on your keychain whenever you need it, it is compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus 6/6s Plus 5S 5C 5, iPad Air Mini,Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 Edge S5 Tab and other anroid Smartphones

      Camera Podcast Selfie Shoot Kit - Sevenoak SK-T1 Tripod camera rig and Micnova MQ-PR1 Remote Control

      The Sevenoak SK-T1 is a mini durable portable aluminum tripod stand with extendable grip, it's a great accessory for your digital devices. Being Lightweight and portable make it perfect for travel. The SK-T1 can be taken on the go and ready to use at a moment's notice. An extra removable grip allows you to take any professional pictures of view at hand, that's what SK-T1 Mini Table Tripod offers. The SK-T1 is compatible with smartphone, gopro action cameras, dslr camera. Capture those random action shots with ease and creativity.

      This Micnova MQ-PR1 remote control allows you to take amazing pictures or record awesome videos wirelessly whenever and wherever you want! The Bluetooth remote control is perfect for taking selfies or group shots (including the photographer) from a distance of up to 30 feet (10m). You only need to pair the remote control with your smartphone once. Then choose the camera app you want to use and press the button of the remote control to capture that awesome picture.

      The SK-T1 and MQ-PR1 Shoot kit makes it useful for photographing wildlife or for macro and long exposures where it is necessary to eliminate any chance of camera shake. This conbination is universal and compatible with most cameras. You can now take those full shots with the Grand Canyon behind you, with Niagara Falls rushing right beside you or just simply you and a loved one without having to be by the camera peering through the viewfinder. Enjoy your sefie in Travel, Sports, Family, Outdoors, anywhere you go, camera viewfinder gimbal tripod head dslr camera cage Gimbal Tripod Head LED lights

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