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Unique Summer Internship in South Mumbai

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    March 4, 2017 11:20 am IST

    Are you interested in knowing how a business works?

    Would you be interested to see your ideas implemented to fruition?

    Try to get a sense of direction(if you are confused) as what you should pursue over the next 2-3 years?

    Get exposure to personal finance and investment decison making?

    IF YES, then you may want to apply for the following opportunity. You may not find all answers in two months but it is very likely you are much ahead from where you are now.

    We are a signage and visual communications company that has supplied materials for more than 100 brands. We import from Germany, UK and USA and now wish to expand our sales overseas.

    Our products have been installed in malls, airports, railway tracks and engines, temples, hospitals, private and government establishments, special economic zones (SEZs), trains, trucks, banks and some other places we may now not recall.

    We are seeking female interns in the following areas - 

    Communication Design/Social Media/Digital Marketing/Business Development

    Accounting and Finance (requires no indepth knowledge of accounts)

    This is a paid internship and both part-time and full-time options are available and the relevant processes will be taught.

    No of internships: 2 (both interns will explore the Accounting as well as Business Development/Communication Design tracks)

    Qualification – Studying SY or TY BMM / Communication Design.

    Experience- Fresher

    Duration: 2 months atleast. Dates to be decided based on exam and holiday schedule.

    Location: Mumbai, Charni Road(E), South Mumbai.

    Nature of Internship: Paid

    Dress Code: Informal

    Mobile- 9821732700

    Email Resume to [email protected]

    Pre-placement offer may be made to deserving applicants.

    We select for the attitude more than for skills.

    Do call or write back in case of any doubts / queries.

    with best regards,

    Nirav Sanghavi

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