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(Recent )TYBMM Sem5 Question papers_updated for the AD majors

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    January 17, 2017 12:16 pm IST
    Hey there. I'm from the BMM batch of 2017(I'll be graduating soon).

    But before that happens, I wanted to share whatever helped me get it question papers, notes, syllabus updates(sourced with thanks, from a few professors and students). I didn't really pay much importance to all this in my first and second year, but when you come to the third year, things change. This was the first time in BMM when I actually had to buy books to prepare for the exams. So that should tell you something.
    You just have to get serious about it, it's the question of your degree after all. My seniors used to tell me the same things but I never fully understood it's depth till I stepped in their shoes.

    Anyways, excuse the long post. I do a bit of writing, so can't really stop the flow once I get started. Coming to the point,

    Just check out all my recent uploads(either from my profile or from the documents section). I've already posted a few of them in the Documents section and more shall be following soon. So you'll find yourself with a lot of question papers, for TYBMM Sem 5(Advertising) from recent years- 2013-16 whichever I have.
    They'll definitely prove helpful when all y'all Sy's goin from sem4 to sem5 get closer to the University exam, and begin stressing on why there are no recent question papers to practice from. I faced the same issues. You would too, if you didn't have these. So there you go.

    P.s. There may be a few missing here and there so don't be so damn particular about that :P. Appreciate what you're getting for absolutely no effort.

    I'll be sharing everything that I got as is.
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    January 18, 2017 4:27 pm IST

    Hey, @gurbaksh .. kudos to your efforts! You are doing the BMM community a wonderful service.


    Keep it up mate! Look forward to your contributions

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