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Advertising in Contemporary Society October 2010 Old Q Paper

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    September 15, 2015 10:47 PM IST


    • A foreign company wants to enter the lndian Market with its range of 'cosmetic products'. What are the various environments that will affect this products entry into lndia ? Suggest suitable measures to overcome these challenges.
    • An lndian handicrafts manufacturer wants to Launch "Retail Shops" of his products in Europe. What are the various environmental challenges that will affect his product launch in Europe ? How will he overcome them ?
    • What is liberalisation? How has liberalisation impacted the poor in lndia? How have they benifitted from these measures?
    • Liberalisation has given a great boost to the lndian Advertising lndustry. - Discuss.
    • What are the differences between "Global Advertising" and "lnternational Advertising" ? Discuss with examples.
    • Explain the various market entry strategies that are available to foregin companies to enter the lndian Market.
    • An NGO that makes "Bird-Houses" for sparrows wants to use "lnternetAdvertising" to create awareness, for this product. Write a plan for helping the NGO achieve their objective.
    • Use internet tools to create awareness about "Video Piracy". Also write a note on why, these activities are called "social Marketing".
    • Write a short note on Role of Packaging in lnternational Marketing.
    • Write a short note on Popular Culture.
    • Write a short note on GlobalAdvertising.
    • Write a short note on International Promotional Methods.


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