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Advertising in Contemporary Society October 2010 Rev Q Paper

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    September 15, 2015 10:46 PM IST

    A Company having a chain of restaurants abroad and" a Company manufacturing Leather handbags and accessories have set up their markets abroad. Your Ad Agency has been given the assignment to draw up the Ad. Strategy.
    First : Choose any one company product. (Restaurant or Leather)
    Second : Select any two countries from any of the four groups of countries.
    (a) Developed Countries
    (b) Asia Pacific Region Countries
    (c) Emerging Markets
    (d) Traditional Middle East Countries. 
    The two countries selected cannot be from the same group.

    • What challenges of international advertising will you keep in mind while developing your Ad Strategy with reference to the two countries selected by you ?
    • lndian Economy has gone through a major change in the last ten years. Discuss with reference to the advantages and disadvantages of Globalisation in lndian Economy.
    • Discuss the effect of Globalisation on lndian Advertising.
    • What is Cross Cultural Advertising.
    • What packaging measures should be considered in lnternational Marketing?
    • "Messages have to be Culture Specific" Discuss.
    • What is Social Marketing ? Discuss its importance ? Create a Social Marketing Campaign to make people aware about the safety measures against anti-social activities during the festival season.
    • Write a short note on Popular Culture and Advertising.
    • Write a short note on lnternet Advertising.
    • Write a short note on Gender Bras in ads.
    • Write a short note on Global Advertising and lnternational Advertising.
    • Write a short note on Advertising and elderly people.


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