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Advertising in Contemporary Society April 2012 Q Paper

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    September 15, 2015 10:40 PM IST

    An lndian Company Plans to enter two international countries with a medium price range of artificial jewellary OR setting up Yoga classes.
    Ydu have been appointed to do the follow up :-
    Select any two countries from the following groups of countries -
    Group I USA, U.K., W. Europe
    Group ll Middle East (excluding Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
    Group lll China, Japan, Korea
    Group lV Brazil, Russia, E. Europe.
    The two countries selected cannot be from the same group. eg. you cannot choose
    USA and U.K.
    Answer the following question with reference to the two countries you have selected.
    Which socio-cultural-psychographic segment will be the target for your advertising and promotional campaign.

    1. What is popular culture ? How does it affect advertising and how does advertising affect popular culture ?
    2. Describe the state of our economy before and after liberalisation.
    3. 'Product Packaging'has to be as per the local rules and regulation. Discus.
    4. Children are used in our advertising even though the product is not for them. ls this effective advertising ? Give reasons for your answer.
    5. Psychological segments are simiiar in almost all countries ? Does this mean that advertising can be the same in these countries ?
    6. What is Social Marketing? Why is it important?
    7. Prepare a Social Marketing Campaign on "Noise Pollution" or "Women Empowerment".
    8. Write a short note on Current Global Trends.
    9. Write a short note on High Context Culture - Low Context Culture.
    10. Write a short note on Social lmplications of Advertising.
    11. Write a short note on Gross Cultural Advertising.


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