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Advertising in Contemporary Society October 2012 Q Paper

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    September 15, 2015 10:38 PM IST
    1. An lndian Tour Agency Caters only to foreign tourists. They want to advertise abroad. 
    Another lndian Company wants to set up spiritual classes in foreign countries. Choose any one of the two given above then select two foreign countries from the three groups given below. The two groups selected cannot be from the same group
    Group I USA, UK, Germany, France, ltaly, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Austria.
    Group ll China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, South Korea
    Group Il Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Quatar
    When preparing the advertising strategies, what environmental factors will you keepin mind for each of the two countries. No ads are to be prepared.
    1. ls advertising necessary in our economy ? Give reasons for your answer.
    2. Advertising to children is on the increase. ls that good for our society ? Give reasons for your opinion.
    3. What makes an ad controversial ?
    4. Our liberalisation policies have had an impact on several areas, economy, cultrure etc. What have been the result of these policies ?
    5. What is social marketing ? How would you go about preparing a compaign for "noise pollution".
    6. Write a short note on Advertising on the net.
    7. Write a short note on Cross cultural advertising.
    8. Write a short note on Product prornotion aborad.
    9. Write a short note on Popular culture and advertising.
    10. Write a short note on Gender roles in adverstising.