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Contemporary Issues Syllabus

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    TYBMM Sem 6 Syllabus of Contemporary Issues


    Environmental issues

    World without borders

    Global warming, economic and environmental impact

    Resource use and sustainability

    Environmental degradation, ozone depletion, pollution, deforestation

    Universal human Rights- Universal Declaration(1949);Declaration of the right to development(1986);Examining the concept of ‘universal’ human rights and the individual context

    Self-determination- Issues of secession; issues of state and anti state violence

    Population, consumption and sustainability

    Emancipatory movements

    Trade union

    Peasants movements (with global vision)

    Environmental movements Chipko; Rachel Carson’s silent spirit; `72-UN summit on environment

    Women’s movement

    Homosexual rights

    The development debate, anti large dam movements, rehabilitation, development choices, people’s involvement

    Tribal movements

    State of Polity

    Decline of law


    Nexus between crime and politics

    Political apathy

    Authoritarianism by democratic governments

    Positive discriminations and reservations


    Issues of accountability

    Corporate Bhopal gas tragedy

    Government accountability

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