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  • Medium/Shoulder Length Wigs For Women
    Shoulder length wigs is the length of hair that belongs to medium length hair, the appropriate hair length is shown to the best fall to the shoulders or above. Medium wigs are often the most feminine and natural-looking. Not too long, not too short. This length of wigs are easy to work with. This is an especially popular length in fashion styles today. Mid length wigs human hair allow you a feminine look, without having to deal with the maintenance longer wigs require. For those not used to wearing a wig, the wigs medium-length choices are often less intimidating to begin wearing. These wigs are ideal for everyday use, and even for occasions like parties, formal events, or social gatherings.

    JHV has been the authority on human hair wigs, all of the wigs are made of 100% authentic virgin hair that has never been chemically treated. You can rely on their experience to help craft a new look for a new you. Click to find out more.

    Features & Benefits Of Medium Length Human Hair Wigs
    - Lightweight, cool, and comfortable
    - Durable
    - Free tangle, tight & neat
    - Easy to maintain
    - 100% virgin hair
    - Good air permeability
    - Various textures and colors for you to choose
  • 12/23/19 at 3:30 PM -
    2/21/25 at 1:00 AM
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