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20  TY BMM Notes14  Sales Promotion6  DIRECT MARKETING6  Budget5  Internet marketing5  Account Planning4  SWOT ANALYSIS4  Copywriting4  Public Relations4  SOCIAL MARKETING4  target audience4  Political rights3  CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR3  Planning Process3  Media planning3  TARGET MARKET3  OVERVIEW OF PRESS3  CASE STUDY3  shoplia college3  Brand Building3  Media3  Green House Effect3  Media Mix3  brand image3  Promotion3  Database Marketing3  Bill Bern Bach3  Marketing strategy2  Selective Retention2  Human rights2  Sources of income2  Culture and Values2  Promotional Mix2  Information publishers2  trade unions2  Accountability2  Prof.V.S.GOPAL2  Communications2  financial2  Trade credit2  Rapid urbanization2  Definitions2  Current Global Trends2  Bank credit2  Agency finance2  Account management2  Contemporary Issues2  brand personality2  PHILIP KOTLER2  planning achieves2  ANALYSIS2  International Markets2  Segmental overview2  Brand Equity2  Market Analysis2  Environmental Degradation2  Advertising Performance2  Press Trust of India2  United News of India2  Product Life Cycle2  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY2  COMPUTER2  Mirat-ul-akhbar2  Product Strategy2  Contract Terms2  motivation Herzberg Cognitive theories Unconscious2  MANAGING BRANDS2  Sale and Distribution2  Bengal Harkuru2  Market Committee2  Global Environment2  Speculative pitches2  The Nationalist Press in India2  Vertical Format2  Agency Management2  BENEFITS2  Business Plan2  Marketing Research2  Advertising Plan2  Lesson 122  Market Segmentation2  Agmark2  Financial Statement analysis2  Green House Gases2  Advertising2  DISPLACEMENT2  Press Freedom2  Financial Accountability2  Solicitations2  advertising budget2  sources of finance2  Semester V2  Pollution2  Marketing Strategies2  Consumer Behavior2  business development2  Global business environment2  PACKAGING2  Personal selling2  foreign trade2  Communal harmony2  Global marketing2  Short term sources of finance2  AAAI Codes2  Principles of Corporate Accountability2  marketing brief2  Marketing Mix2  Homosexuality2  Growing the agency2  COTEMPORARY SOCIETY1  Legal Measures1  Electronic Marketing Channel1  Ethics in India1  material delivered1  Passing bills1  bachelor mass media college1  freedom of information1  Jean-Marie Dru1  NEW PRODUCTS1  Recruitment consultancies1  Coca-Cola1  PROCESS OF CAPITAL BUDGETING1  CURRENT MARKET POSITION1  TRIBAL MOVEMENT1  Disaster Accountability1  MRTP Commission1  TYPE OF PRESS RELEASE1  Robert Dahl1  Chapter 11  Solar Energy1  SLR category1  Consumer Segmentation1  Knowledge and Insight1  packaging material1  TFinance and Financial Management1  Fiscal measures1  Agricultural practices1  Gro Harlem Brundtland1  Trade and Merchandise Marks Act 19581  Share of Voice1  DATES AND SITUATION1  Underachievers Anonymous1  Practice of Direct Marketing Question Paper1  Price Elasticities1  The Unrest Stage1  PUBLIC RELATIONS A1  Gross profit1  Cross Promotions1  Cost per Rating Point1  Population1  Position Statement1  Statistics1  Kyoto Protocol1  Drugs and Cosmetics Act 19401  MARKETING TASK1  Thomas Barratt1  CO-OPERATIVE MOVEMENT1  Limited Problem Solving1  CENSORSHIP1  The Grahak Pachayat1  Phillip Kotler1  Media Buying1  Financial flexibility1  Budgetary Control1  LOAN AMORTISATION SCHEDULE1  Supreme court guidelines1  Secondary Education1  October Assam clashes1  acculturation1  hidden promotions1  Political factors1  maintenance of law1  Marketing ethics1  WHAT WORK1  Database functions1  Evolution of Global Advertising1  Maharashtra Special Economic Zone1  Child Labour Laws In India1  political information1  client presentation1  Issuing of cheques1  bmm college1  GENEVA CONFERENCE1  Naomi Klein1  BRAND EXTENSIONS1  intense competition1  CAPITAL BUDGETING1  Electronic products1  Press Release1  Apathy1  Gandhi’s peccadillo1  Konica-Minolta1  Relationship Marketing1  promotes sales1  Currency stability1  Growing population1  Stockholm Conference1  Emblems and Names Act 19501  Psychographics1  Emergency period1  planning1  final HC1  Dhanyaka1  Brand Strength1  Preliminary Stage1  Product Warranties1  Income Statement1  Patronage Awards:1  Test Market1  MASLOW’S HIERARCHY1  Overharvesting1  Accounting Equation1  Child Trafficking1  stabilization and reconstruction1  Prevention of Food Adulteration1  MARKETING MANAGEMENT1  Pattern/Repetition1  National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation (NAFED)1  Levels of Consumer Decision Making1  The concept of UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS1  FORMAT1  Waste in advertising1  Gerald Zaltman1  Media Planning Steps1  International Trends1  Short Term1  Police reforms1  Primary Education1  Compensate Agencies1  Consumer dispute1  media studies1  Patty Hearst1  Economic factors1  Manmohan Singh1  marketing inherently evil1  MARKETING CHANNELS1  Categories of database1  LEGAL & TECNO ENVI1  Definitions of Culture1  Advertising and Culture1  Physical Appearances1  SEZ Rules1  direct inducement1  Commercial Advertisement1  Creative brief format1  Anti-social elements1  bmm colleges1  Birla House1  heartfelt connection1  Extended Identity1  Financial services1  saturated markets1  CAPITAL EXPENDITURE1  Non-curriculum books1  Representation1  Corporate Accountability1  Consumer Education1  GENERAL NEWS RELEASE1  POLITICAL APATHY1  Perscrutation1  Canon EOS1  Brand Positioning1  Multiple Relationship Strategies1  A Trade Mark1  cash budgeting1  Per capita income1  Human Environment1  Prize Competition Act 19551  Market Researcher1  femidoms1  Jyothishmathi1  Brand Dynamics1  Social Movements1  Cash-Refund1  Freud’s Theory1  Capital Budgets1  Basic Accounting Terms1  Child Labour1  Health1  BUSINESS IS MARKETING1  mmr1  Research on the Indian1  Payment Purchase Decisions1  INDIVIDUAL CONTEXT1  Equations1  The Moulder of Public Opinion1  Partnership1  URBAN SEC GRID1  Medium Term1  NATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION1  India clears right1  right to be protected1  ecs1  peripheral route1  Legal factors1  widespread communal1  Primary Agents1  Short-Term Pressures1  Characteristics of a Database1  technological environments1  Industrial Policy1  Oxford Dictionary1  THEORIES1  objectives of the SEZ Act1  People Shapers1  reasons to act1  CRIMINALISATION1  bmm colleges mumbai1  bullets of Nathuram1  Guardian newspaper in 19971  External Perspective1  Early Marketers1  domestic markets1  Material cost1  Educational books1  Negotiation1  Cotton Industry1  Research Society(CERC)1  Magazines1  David Easton1  DURING THE EMERGENCY PERIOD1  350D Digital1  Active Communication1  Combining sources1  international markets.1  budgeting problems1  Economic infrastructure1  United Nations Conference1  Harmful Publications1  account Planner1  The Methodology of Research1  Product Information1  Brand Asset1  Formation of Social Movements1  Scale of operations1  Flexible Budgets1  Financial Statements1  Human Concern Child1  Family planning1  journo imp ques1  cooperative movement1  Channel Purchase Decisions1  Equality of opportunity1  Practice-Oriented Chapters1  unethical advertisements1  Purse Strings1  Opt-In email1  Indian Trends1  Loans and advances1  Long Term1  CORRUPT POLITICIANS1  education bill1  Caveat Emptor1  mass and popular culture1  Theories of persuasion1  Psychological factors1  Journalism india1  Marketing Functionaries1  Brand Strategies1  Financial calculations1  Globalization1  Benefits of advertising1  multinational corporation1  Promotion Strategies1  Hidden persuader1  Management Philosophy1  POLITICS IN INDIA1  bmm course college1  AINEC1  Apple's brand1  Brand Identity Traps1  Integrated Direct Marketing1  Labour cost1  Voice1  Maharashtra State Cotton1  Consumer Complaints1  Direct Mail1  African National Congress1  Lesson 201  SLR Camera1  General behavioral1  Product Planning1  Industrialised Economy1  Narmada Bachao Andolan1  Statutory Laws1  Knowledge Applicator1  Hindustan Times1  Botanical Name1  Global Brand Manager1  Effects of Deforestation1  Internal Challenges1  Geographic Distribution1  self-concept1  Fixed Budgets1  TAX LIABILITY UNDER MAT1  Multi purpose1  Child marriage1  ELEMENTS of design1  Effects of migration1  Consumption Decisions1  Removal of violations1  Literature Survey1  AIR Advertising1  The Communication Process1  Advertising on Internet1  New Media1  Cash credit1  TERM LOAN1  Equality before Law1  Right to Education Act1  Prof. V.S. Gopal1  baran and davis1  long argument1  Administrative factors1  Naxalite1  Agricultural Marketing and Storage1  Relationships1  Telemarketing1  HACCP Certification1  Fragmenting Markets1  Campaign Budgeting1  Privatization1  Niche Markets1  Prasoon Joshi1  international business1  Sales Promotion Management1  Killing us Softly1  Type of Product1  State violence1  colleges with bmm1  Apple1  Brand Identity1  DIRECT MARKETING DRIVERS1  Banner advertisement1  Overheads1  HISTORY OF NAVNEET PUBLICATION1  decisions affecting workers1  Reasons for High Production1  Pedestrian Wing1  Advantages1  freedom of movement1  Interactive system1  Gandhi ‘s Role1  Marketing Objectives1  GLOBAL BRAND STRATEGY1  socio-economic1  Product Attributes1  Strategy and Implementation Web plan summary1  Agro Industrial economy1  JOHANNESBERGE SUMMIT1  Chipko Movement1  Self Regulation1  Survey data1  Research Process1  Common Name1  Brand Manager1  Deforestation1  Global products1  Special Audiences1  Actualizers1  Master Budget1  Henry Ford1  Atomic purpose1  Dowry Definition of domestic violence1  BASIC MARKETING CONCEPTS1  Carving Ravana1  Causes of migrations1  CONSUMER DECISION MAKING1  Right to development1  The Chapters1  Association of Accredited1  Communication Platforms1  per-lead program1  Purchase Frequency1  Overdraft1  PROJECT APPRAISAL1  Supremacy of Law1  Human Concern Education1  Account planning Process1  Consumer Protection Act1  mass society theories1  Mental Hazards1  Types of communalism1  Product Certification1  Fragmenting Media1  Profit & Loss Statements1  Post-Liberalisation1  Macro Market1  Honda Jazz1  SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE1  Advetising Ethics - Notes1  IMPORTANCE OF HEADLINE1  Sustainable development1  list of bmm colleges1  AFTER INDEPENDENCE1  Microsoft1  ingredient branding1  PRINCIPLES OF DIRECT MARKETING1  Experimental website1  Costing1  BRAND STUDY1  Education and training1  Co-opeartives1  Consumer Education for Schools1  Disadvantages of the Major1  World Trade Organization1  Measurability response1  Indira Gandhi1  Marketing planning1  Lower Marketing Costs1  Geo-demographic segmentation1  Management Summary1  Economic Environment1  Cotton COOPERATIVES1  Ecological movement in India is divided into two broad categories: 1. Those arising as the negative effects of the very process of development i.e. impact of efforts to achieve rapid economic growth and development projects are usually environmentally des1  Innovation Packs1  Source Data1  Assam Clashes1  Response of the Supreme Court1  ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE1  Consumerism1  Nescafe1  Strategies1  LIFE STYLE1  Zero based Budget1  Power projects Iron1  Domestic Violence Act1  WILLIAM J.STANTON1  Broadband Wireless Services1  Rural to Urban1  Feedback1  THE DRD 19861  Table of Contents1  Health Policy1  Distribution Channel Functions1  Brand Specific1  Consumer Feedback1  Discounting of bills1  Rule of law1  19861  RULES OF WRITING1  CONCEPT1  Eco Mark1  BRAND BUILDING BLOCKS1  customers recruited1  foreign direct investment1  Govt. to Business1  SURVEY ANALYSIS1  foreign direct investmet1  HEADLINES1  Good Governance1  QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT1  GSM phone1  Range Brands1  long-term relationship1  World Wide Web1  Costing Concepts1  NAVNEET PUBLICATION1  Legal assistance1  Cotton Presentation1  Product Testing1  Types of Media1  Dow Jones Index1  PRINCIPLES Of MARKETING1  post-colonial era1  Chapter 4.1  Drug Trafficking1  Dynamic technology1  Company Summary1  Components1  Chief Agrucultural Relations1  soil1  Problem Definition1  Mass Media Research1  National Policy on Education 19681  COORDINATING ACROSS MARKETS1  Industrial activities1  Scope & Challenges1  Advertising Objectives1  ECONOMIC CIRCUMSTANCES1  Capital Budget1  ROI is a ratio1  Steel projects Petrochemical Rural1  Safeguards for women1  Local trains1  MIGRATION1  Communications Process1  economic social1  Sequence of Contents1  Campaign Reform Act's1  John C. Meloney1  notes of all chapters1  Laboratory tests1  Customers’ advances 4. Public Deposits1  civil rights1  Achievements of MIDC1  Strategy Target1  Self-regulation1  WRITING HEADLINE1  NATURE1  Bureau Of Indian Standards1  RANGE OF PRODUCTS1  ECONOMICS OF DIRECT MARKETING1  economic policy1  Govt. to Govt1  Socio-cultural Segmentation1  Sugar lobby1  MARKETING SEGMENTATION1  Writing Headlines1  Right to work1  GANDHIAN ERA1  MOTORemix1  LEVERAGING THE BRAND1  INTRODUCTION ON DIRECT MARKETING1  Evolution of Internet1  Advantages of Costing1  Case Study of ICICI Prudential1  Financial discounts. Welfare benefits1  WHITE REVOLUTION1  Legal Frame Work1  General Store1  gender roles1  MASS MARKETING1  Ramananda Chatterjee’s1  Premium range Paper1  GEOGRAPHICAL1  Unemployment1  Product Repositioning1  Components of a Business Plan1  VAN PANCHAYATS1  water1  Senior Citizens1  Research in Marketing1  economic growth1  Right of Children1  ORGANIZING1  Human activities1  International Advertising1  CAMPAIGN MEDIA BRIEF1  Personal factors1  Types of Budgets1  WAYS OF IMPROVING ROI1  development Miscellaneous1  Right to Health1  Reports1  RESETTLEMENT1  Basic Communication1  ECONOMIC1  Title Page1  Fairness Doctrine1  Ego Satisfaction1  Social Bonds1  sales impact of advertising1  Redeemable Debentures1  Mpb back1  Right to vote1  Locations of MIDC1  Audience1  Indian National Flag1  Sales Process1  FORMS OF COMMUNALISM1  Government of India1  copywriting achieve1  Promote clean1  BIS1  Benefit brands1  Communications Planning1  private sector1  Business to Business Market1  Demographic Segmentation1  monetary resources1  Geographic Segmentation1  Regulating the Market1  Creative Strategy1  HR treaties1  louis philippe brand promotion branding advertising1  REVOLT OF 18571  Motorola campaign1  Line Extensions1  Buyer Lists1  Dealer tests1  Acid rain1  DAIRY DEVELOPMENT1  Consumer Guidance Society of India(CGSI)1  Profile Of Channels1  free market1  unauthorised1  Non curriculum books1  CULTURAL1  low Bargaining power. Acquisition1  Product positioning1  Cross cultural communication1  PROJECT TIGER1  flora1  Acceptable level of Deception1  Non-profit organizations1  EDUCATION1  Group influences1  Population explosion1  Superior Exchange1  Key Lessons1  family of orientation1  Budget Manual1  Rate of Return On Investment1  projects & plants DEVELOPMENTAL PROJECTS1  Human Dignity1  Image and reputation1  New power plan mooted1  IDENTITY VISION1  Consumer-Action Groups1  SOCIAL1  GUIDELINES FOR REPORT WRITING1  public comments1  5M’s of Advertising1  Customer Loyalty1  DEVELOPING AND MANAGING1  Redeemable1  Mpb front1  Right to join1  Objectives of MIDC1  Communications Plan1  textual1  Involvement1  Implement Rio Principle 131  Display advertising1  Brand portfolio1  Meaning Of Integration1  INDIAN ECONOMY IN THE PAST1  Rural Markets1  Sugar lobby pout1  JW Marriott1  certain rights1  world war america naval war army death1  social issues1  Philippines1  Brand name1  House lists1  Visual tests1  Question Paper1  DAIRY CO~OPERATIVE MOVEMENT1  Modes of Assignment1  1990s1  Evaluating Plan1  Honourable Company1  Publishing Business1  SEGMENT BOUNDARIES1  Child labor1  Product mix1  Inter Statement Ratios1  Cross Cultural Advertising1  TERI1  fauna. etc. as a result of poverty. The origin of the environmental movement in India can be traced to the ‘bishnoi’ movement1  Misrepresentation1  brand loyalty1  HUMAN CONCERNS1  Personal influences1  Women’s rights1  targeted segments1  Type of Media1  family of procreation1  Budget Director1  RETURN ON INVESTMENT1  Section 377 Of The Indian Penal Code1  stone age1  JOSHI’S IDEAOLOGY1  Virtual Groups1  CULTURAL RIGHTS1  Advertising gone wrong1  MESSAGE GENERATION1  Customer Base1  ADVERTISING PROGRAM1  Preference shares1  Measuring the impact1  political party1  History of MIDC1  Virtual Business1  pictorial1  Commitment to Public Service1  Protect Human rights1  Sport star1  dream career1  Brand Architecture1  Media Integration1  Marketing goal1  Urban Market1  Branding1  State Governments1  Government Regulatory1  PRINCIPLES OF COPYWRITING1  socio-economic environment1  story time travel experiment fiction1  Jeebesh Bagchi1  Coca-Cola Below the line activities1  Geometric shape1  Response lists1  Innovation opportunity1  Corporate Social Responsibility1  1.Macro market mechanism1  NATIONAL DAIRY DEVELOPMENT1  Sound recordings1  Media Planners1  personal computers1  Consumer Markets1  Ram Mohun Roy1  Mr. Amit D. Buch1  Brand Uniqueness1  Names of Organization1  James Mccarthy1  Operating Ratio1  HR1  Education in India1  which was started by a sage called Sambhaji about 4 categories ago in Rajasthan. The Bishnoi movement led people to worship trees and resist cutting movement in the early 1970’s.1  Deceptive Advertising1  freeze communication1  Recruitment advertising1  LEGISLATIVE MEASURES1  Information processing1  Segregation1  segment the market1  Media Planning Format1  dissociative groups1  Budgeting process1  Commercial Paper1  REHABILITATION1  Life In India1  cultural heritage1  SHETKARI DHINDI1  Friendship Groups1  WORLD WARS1  Development Journalism1  notes1  MANAGEMENT DECISIONS1  Customer Relations1  PROF. Meenakshi1  Right to stand1  Agriculture1  Internet Marketing Plan1  graphical1  Quality of life1  Types of Crime1  Frontline1  profit margins1  Strategic brands1  communications impact1  Channel Selection1  Advertising and Society1  Koel Karo Movement1  Government Accountability1  Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery1  human immunity1  Marketing notes1  Bombay Herald1  LOSE GAIN1  Brand Looks1  Compiled lists1  Safety and Solvency1  Micro Market mechanism1  FORMATION OF KAIRA UNION1  Choreographic works1  Competitive Analysis1  United States1  Nationalist Press1  Navneet Publications1  Reinforcing Brands1  Labour Movement1  Sales Promotion Strategies1  Balance sheet1  team building1  Health Care in India1  Stockholm Summit1  Social Responsibilities of Advertising1  Non-verbal Communication1  1920s onward1  INDIAN CONTENT1  mental disability1  Geographic coverage1  Aspirational groups1  Goals1  Customers’ Advances1  Sugarcane industry1  sexual attraction1  Domestic violence1  SHARAD PAWAR1  INFORMAL GROUPS1  EVOLUTION OF RIGHTS1  States Reorganisation Committee1  Market audience1  CHANNEL LEVELS1  Customer Equity1  Advantages of Short Term1  bribed.Milk1  candidate in an election1  Service Sector Revenues1  Industry1  Competitive advantage1  Helping the consumer1  Corruption1  Padma Bhushan1  direct salary1  Revitalize the Brand1  Integrated communication1  International Channel selection1  Types of Market1  Personal Sale1  Problems & Issues1  Administrative Accountability1  Quality Management System Certification1  good copywriter1  political responsibility1  media democracy government india laws1  HICKEYS GAZETTE1  It’s Playtime1  Brand Symbol1  direct marketers1  Risk Return Trade off1  Social Environment1  Toxic elements1  MILK CO~OPERATIVES1  Literary works1  Short Rate1  FOREIGN PRESS1  Marketing Problems1  Media history1  History1  OVER TIME1  Utopian Movement1  Expression of Ratios1  HIPPO EFFECT1  Fallout of the Copenhagen1  Prices Control1  personal relationships1  mechanisation of industry1  Unplanned Rapid Development1  Reorientation of Packaging1  Equal opportunities1  SARAF COLLEGE1  Flexibility1  Model of Buyer Behavior1  Functions1  Advantages of Short Term sources of finance1  SHARAD JOSHI1  Human Concern Gay1  Marketing and Advertising1  Photos1  SHETKARI SHANGATHANA1  Groups1  HISTORICAL BACKGROUND1  Specific issues1  Industrial Marketing Channels1  Reichheld and Sasser1  droppings of rodents1  Right to participate1  Economy of Maharashtra1  Financial Implications1  Corporate Advertising1  act of Bribery1  Magazine boom1  Client profitability1  Promotional Expenditures1  INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS1  supply chain1  METHODS OF EVALUATION1  Motives & Objectives1  Product CertificationEco Mark1  TECHNICAL PRESS RELEASE1  Rousseau1  Creative Development1  Madras1  German market1  Brand Logo1  LIST SELECTION1  LABELING1  Share holders1  Natural Environment1  Industrial negligence1  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT1  Musical works1  MEMBERS BEHAVIOUR1  female condoms1  Product offering1  American Express1  Revolutionary Movements1  Sales Promotion.1  Limitations of Ratios1  negotiations1  Habitat Destruction1  Legally binding targets1  Objectionable Advertisements1  Features of Communication1  fine art1  Shares of society1  Product Orientation1  Historical wrong1  Media objectives1  Cultural factors in advertising1  Merits of Budgets1  Need for short term1  Peasants1  Global warming1  SHARAD JOSHI AND PEASANTS1  SYMBOLIC GROUPS1  THE UDHR-19481  last fifty seven years of independence1  Frameworks of analysis1  Promotion Flow1  cross-selling1  Global advertising1  Components of Culture1  larvae in food1  demonstration1  Freedom of association1  Maharashtra on a Fast Track1  Customer Relationship1  Advertising Regulations1  Technological Achievements1  Sanctioning of contracts1  India today1  Finance planning1  Line extension1  Online Consumers1  International Environment1  KINDS OF CAPITAL EXPENDITURE1  DRIVERS OF GROWTH1  Samatha Judgement1  Political Accountability1  Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)1  ANNOUNCEMENT RELEASE1  J. S. Mill1  BEFORE INDEPENDENCE1  Communication Objectives1  Brand Attributes1  PROSPECTING1  Self-Service1  Goals of Financial Management1  Disaster Proneness1  Overgrazing1  PETA1  Drugs and Magical Remedies1  Communications Component1  Feroze Gandhi1  M H Lakdawala1  safer sex acts1  Principles1  Sales Relationship1  Reform Movements1  Inter active media1  Uses of Ratio Analysis1  website design1  Invasive Species1  Strategy1  Government Analyst1  Mass communication1  History of Advertising1  HISTORICAL PROFILE1  Models of Consumers1  Mahatma Gandhi1  Media strategies1  Communication Revolution1  Budgets1  FLASH REPORT1  Workers Party of India1  Tertiary education1  Commissions from Media1  communal colou1  WORKERS PARTY1  MEMBERSHIP GROUPS1  Social factors Religious factors1  Military Assistance1  Power-based analysis1  Information Flow1  CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT1  Global Brand1  Influence of Culture on Advertising1  Adulteration in food1