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Cheese is great to eat by the slice

10 February 2018
Have you ever watched home shopping channels on television?  Like me, have you been absolutely amazed by the amount of people willing to stay up late at night, whip out the credit card, and buy a product they do not really need, and probably will not use in the near future?

What is the secret of their success?  Here are five steps to successful marketing I believe the shopping channels exercise religiously: describe the product, tell why it is a superior item, explain how/why you can use the product, reiterate what you will get for your money, and explain how the product will impact your life.
Whether you are selling a product or service, I believe understanding the five steps to successful marketing exercised by the shopping channels will ultimately help you become a successful marketer.

1. Describe the Product or Service.

Describe the product or services in detail.  Use specific terms and phrases to let the consumer know exactly what the product or service includes. If you are excited about what you have to market, let your customer feel your enthusiasm!  

For example, if you are selling a book, you want to include more than just a title and a brief synopsis of the book.  Tell your prospective Managed POE Switch customer why the book is so great.  You do not have to give away the plot or summarize the entire contents. But, describe your excitement! Believe in what you are selling, and give the consumer reason to really want/feel they need what you have to sell.

2.  Why is the Product or Service better than a Competitor's?

In all likelihood, the service or product you have to sell is not totally unique.  Thus, you will have competition.   No problem!  You simply have to convince your customers that the product or service you provide is superior to that of the competition.  Why is your product better?  What reason do consumers have to give you their hard-earned money?

Do you include extras?  Is your product/service better, and why? For instance, if you provide a service, why are you more qualified to give the consumer exactly what he or she needs?   Do you have more experience or a better education? Provide a portfolio.  

If you believe your product or service is better, convince your future customers!

3.  How can I Use this Product or Service?

Does your product or service have more than one use?  For example, if you are selling a kitchen item, describe, in detail, all the uses of that appliance or utensil. Use your imagination! Consumers will be more likely to appreciate a product or service that can be useful in more than one way. Consider the PoE Injectors versatility of cheese.  Cheese is great to eat by the slice, in sandwiches, in soups, for breakfast in eggs, for snacks with crackers, and the list goes on. . .

If your product or service can be used in more than one way, be thorough and let the consumer know what a great buy you are providing!

4.  What do I Get for My Money?

What exactly will you customer receive in return for their investment in your service or product?  For example, if you are selling your services as a writer, do more than simply conveying your fees.  Do you guarantee your work?  How many revisions are included?

If you are selling a product, what does the consumer receive with the purchase?  Is the item guaranteed? Is a service contract included? Does it come with a gift box?  What about postage and handling?

Let the consumer know exactly what accessories, perks, or warranties come with their purchase.

5.  How Will Making this Purchase Impact My Life?

Convince the consumer that his/her life will be positively impacted by your product or service, and you will have a buyer.  For example, if you have a consulting service, how will your expertise positively impact you client's business.  How will your offerings help an entrepreneur realize success?

Give the consumer a vision of a positive advantage in buying your product or service, and you will have a sale. Lay your cards on the table, so to speak.  Sell your enthusiasm! Provide logical reasons for investing in your business create a need, tempt a want, and you will improve your business and reach your goal of success.

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