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The Evolution of Global Advertising

October 18, 2011

The Evolution of Global Advertising                                                                                   In a world that is getting perceptually smaller, ‘global’ seems to be the order of the day: global companies, global brands, global television channels and now even global terrorism. So where steps in global advertising then?  If global brands are being marketed across the world, global advertising agencies already exist and so do global television channels, shouldn’t global advertising be the order of the day as well? Conceptually, the ground does seem prepared for global advertising to evolve. In this age of globalization, multi-culturalism, and falling borders, companies must be increasingly active in extending themselves globally, across cultures, and across borders not only to grow but also to grapple with global competitors that they never had before. The age-old art of advertising must parallel this evolution of attention and focus. Companies are no longer just selling to their own city or even their own country. They are selling to the world. Their name, brand, and image are now accessible to a global customer base. Will an advertising campaign made for one audience be acceptable to another, be understood in translation, or even convey the right message? Compound this complexity with the evolving customer, the moving target who is becoming more like a global citizen. And finally, add the Internet to the mix. As the new mass medium that sprang up virtually overnight, the Internet's characteristics of being global and individual at the same time present unique challenges to the way people deal with advertising.  










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