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Principles and Practice of Direct Marketing Question Paper

22 October 2011

1.    Formulate a Direct Marketing Plan for any one of the following options :     (14 Marks) a. Holiday Resort OR   b. Designer Jewelery Keeping in mind the following steps :- (i) Product offering   (ii) Lead Generation    (iii) Database development (iv) Methodology followed.(eg : mail order, telemarketing etc..)  2.    Answer any one :- a. Explain at length list selection and Management.(12 Marks)OR b. Define Direct Marketing. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Direct Marketing? How does Direct Marketing differ from mass marketing? (12 Marks)  3.     Answer any two from the following four questions :- (12 Marks) a. What is customer relationship management? Discuss. b. Integrated marketing Communications. Discuss in detail. c. Write a note on segmentation for Direct Marketing.    d. What is the future of Direct Marketing in India.  4.    Answer any three of the following :- (12 Marks))       a. What is lead generation and qualification?       b. Write a note on profitability of DM. c. Write a note on telemarketing.     d. Write a note on catalogue marketing. e. Use of Internet for Direct Marketing.  5.    Answer any six :- (12 Marks) a. SPAM       b. Database Marketing      c. List depth      d. Ethics in DM           e. DRTV     f. Life Time Value of a Customer    g. What do you understand by RFM?   h. Direct Response print media. 

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