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Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)

21 October 2011

The BIS the National Standard body of India, is a statutory body to set up Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986. It comprise of members representing the Industry, Consumer Organization, Science Research Institutes, Professional Bodies, Technical Institutions, Central ministries, State Government, members of Parliament.  The Indian Standards are formulated keeping in view national priorities, programs, for industrial development, technological needs, export promotion, consumer welfare, health, safety etc.  Pick and choose the following – passing mention  Product Certification: The product certification is basically voluntary and aims at quality, safety, and dependability of the ultimate customer. Conformity is ensured by regular surveillance of the products performance, by surprise inspection and testing of samples.   Eco Mark: The Government of India had instituted in Feb 1991, known as ECO mark scheduling and labeling environment friendly products. BIS administer the scheme.   Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9000) – BIS is a national agency authorized to operate systems certification in India. It has adopted ISO 9000 series of standards as IS 9000 series Indian Standards aligned the procedure for operation of Quality System Certification, based on international criteria comparable to any other such system being operated.  

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