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TY BMM Notes Agmark

21 October 2011

Agmark: Agricultural Marketing and Storage: Short Notes – Agricultural Marketing  •Involves simplest form of buying and selling of agricultural produce. •Farmers sold to their consumers on cash or barter system. •Marketing functions changed their approach & undertakes series of transfer of exchange before finally it reaches the consumers. •A) Assembling, B) Preparing for consumption and D) Distribution. •Produce may be directly taken to market or may be stored on the farm. •They are cleaned, graded, processed and packed by the farmer or village merchants before they are taken to the market.  Marketing Functionaries (Agencies):  Transfer takes place through chain of middlemen or Agencies.  Primary Agents: Producers, Village merchants, pre-harvest contractors, Commission Agents, Transporters.  Secondary Agents: Processing and Manufacturing agents, Finance Agents, Banks and Co-operatives.  These functionaries have their own set up – individuals, partners and co-operatives.  The process involved in disposal of such substantial produce of great economic importance, the farmers did not get their share of good returns.  Government Regulatory Programs:  The primary objective was to improve the system, remove handicaps of producers, seller’s sufferings and ensure fair price.   

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