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26 December 2014
Uploaded by Reshmabanu Nadaf - Category: Other 0 864 1

Technology has evolved in last 20 years significantly.Intially when the first computer came it was too big almost it occupies one room but now we can keep it in our bags easily. Computers developed dramatically and new compressed form of computer Laptops came in to the market. Technology is good for the people because it helps to keep in touch with society. Internet connects the friends. For example if my friends staying in another country  with the help of Internet we keep in touch and we can  send text messages .Technology helps many students  .Because of the Internet many of the online courses and  teaching presenting through  online videos. It helps the students learn well.

On the other hand Technology is bad for us. For example Internet pollutes the children. Internet contains lot of bad videos and children can easily watch it. Internet causes loneliness and a decline in overall psychological well-being. Therefore evolving Technology not perfect for the people.


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