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  • 7. It’s funny, because Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys at the end of the day Washington running back Chris Thompson only has five more receptions than Ezekiel Elliott. But, if you’ve watched Washington play this season, doesn’t it seem like a much bigger difference. It’s been amazing to watch the fifth-year running back break out this year, putting together 213 rushing yards on 43 attempts, as well as 366 passing yards on 23 catches. Zeke is doing just fine, for the record. Even though much of this season hasn’t met his lofty standards, he’s still sitting on 746 all-purpose yards and six total touchdowns after just six Dez Bryant Jerseys games. The fact that he’s off to a “slow start” is a testament to how amazing he was in 2016, rather than how he’s actually playing. Still, I can’t help but feel like there’s some untapped potential in Zeke’s ability. We just saw him take a screen pass 72 yards to the end zone. And I know the Cowboys have tried various ways to get him the ball -- but I pretty much just think it could be more. We don’t often see Zeke run downfield routes, and it doesn’t seem like he gets a ton of looks on the move. I feel like I’m nitpicking, probably because I am. Zeke is on pace for 1,500 rushing yards and another 500 receiving yards, so again, it’s not like he’s been bad. But as dynamic a talent as he is, I wonder if the Cowboys are giving as many looks per game as they could be. 8. I this interview this week about Kirk Cousins and everything that’s going on with him these days. He seems like kind of a Dallas Cowboys Jersey goofy dude, but I really think Cousins is a good quarterback and a guy that’s worth building a franchise around -- whether that’s in Washington or somewhere else. I also understand that NFL quarterbacks are paid a ton of money, and that there’s only 16 opportunities in a season to make an impression. But man, I don’t know. I don’t think you need to FaceTime into a quarterback meeting from your wife’s bedside while she’s giving birth to your kid. Even in the big-money, do-or-die world of the NFL, some things are more important than work. A decade from now, I doubt you’re Dak Prescott Jerseys going to remember how hard you studied for a regular season game against the Chiefs. Dez Bryant Jerseys You are (hopefully) going to remember the birth of your son. So I don’t know, dude. Like I keep saying in this column, perspective is everything. Take it from someone who is addicted to technology: you can put the iPad down for the genuinely important moments in life. Want to buy one? welcome to our shop http://www.buyjerseysshop.us.


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