Welding of High Manganese Steel Castings


    Welding Technology of Heat Resistant Steel Castings and High Manganese Steel Castings.

    When choosing the welding method, steel castings are also used for electrode arc welding. Austenitic stainless steel electrodes can be used to select heat resistant steel parts. In addition, the choice of welding rod should be heat resistant. The principle of steel and welding rod combination is to distinguish the joints between parts, welding repair and welding parts, and the use of products.

    The heat treatment of heat-resistant steel castings after welding is basically the same as that of stainless steel castings after welding.

    Welding of High Manganese Steel Castings

    Castings made of high manganese steel are steels requiring heat treatment. As the welding heat source is overheated during welding, carbides are precipitated in the heat affected zone, martensite is easily formed, and weldability of high-grade steel castings is deteriorated. This type of molten steel should avoid overheating for a long time. When choosing a welding method, gas welding is usually not used but arc welding.

    Electrode Selection for Welding High Alloy Steel Castings:

    After the welding of different metals such as high manganese steel casting electrode, high manganese steel casting electrode, high manganese steel, high chromium steel, high manganese steel, 18- stainless steel 8, high manganese steel casting and low carbon steel plate is completed, 18-8 stainless steel welding electrode is usually used, which has good workability and specific austenite structure.

    Matters needing attention when welding high manganese steel

    When repairing defects such as steel parts with high manganese content, shrinkage holes, blisters and other defects, the periphery of the defects must be cleaned before welding. Since wear parts often harden, the hardened layer must be removed by gas cutting, because overheating in the welding process can lead to rapid fragility of the welded parts when they wear parts. Or grinding wheel before welding.

    In order to minimize brittleness caused by welding heat, heating of base metal should be reduced or limited as much as possible. Welding time should be very short. You also need to use a short bow. Use as little welding current as possible and use as little electrode as possible. If the reverse polarity of DC is successfully used, the parent metal cannot be preheated so that it cannot pass through the carbon content of the parent metal. For deposited metals, the penetration depth is surface and each layer is cooled to below 250 degrees Celsius to avoid overheating.

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