Some Knowledge about High Chromium Cast Iron


    Regarding High Chrome White Iron Castings:

    High chromium cast iron is characterized by high toughness and wear resistance. Carbide completely appears as (Fe,Cr)7Cr3 type. The carbon content of this carbide is as high as 10%, while the chromium content can reach about 50%. Among the chemical elements of high chromium cast iron, chromium and carbon are two important elements in high chromium cast iron. Generally, carbon determines the amount of carbides and chromium determines the type of carbides. When carbon is constant, the amount of chromium dissolved in eutectic carbides and matrix increases with the increase of chromium content. However, when chromium is constant, the amount of carbon increases, the amount of eutectic carbides increases and the amount of chromium dissolved in matrix decreases.

    The patent of high chromium cast iron appeared in 1917. Climax Molybdenum Company of the United States took the lead in the study of alloy white iron containing 10~30% chromium, and found that high chromium cast iron has many advantages.

    First, Cr7C3 type carbides can be formed when chromium content is 12%, the microhardness HV1300~1800 is much higher than the microhardness (HV 800-1100) of Fe3C type carbides in common white iron, so the wear resistance is good.

    Second, the carbide shape changes into broken network and chrysanthemum shape, so it has higher toughness than network carbide. In addition, the matrix of high chromium cast iron can obtain various matrixes from all austenite to all martensite through different heat treatment processes, thus expanding the application range and meeting the requirements of different working conditions. It is commonly referred to as "the third generation of wear-resistant materials".

    China's research on chromium-based wear-resistant white cast iron began in 1973. In the early 1980s, there was an upsurge of research on high chromium cast iron. Gradually, wear-resistant materials with excellent properties such as low chromium cast iron, medium chromium cast iron, high chromium cast iron and ultra-high toughness high chromium cast iron were developed.

    In terms of wear resistance, it is much higher than alloy steel. In terms of toughness and strength, it is much higher than ordinary white cast iron and is superior to nickel hard cast iron, thus becoming one of the best anti-abrasive wear materials in the contemporary era.

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