Wear-resistant cast iron is increasingly widely used


    High Chrome White Iron is the third generation wear-resistant material developed after common white cast iron and nickel hard cast iron. Due to the characteristics of its own structure, high chromium cast iron has much higher toughness, high temperature strength, heat resistance, wear resistance and other properties than ordinary cast iron. High chromium cast iron has been praised as the best anti-abrasive wear material in modern times, and is increasingly widely used.

    The good wear resistance of high chromium cast iron mainly depends on its matrix structure and the types and distribution characteristics of carbides.

    High chromium cast iron is a multi-element alloy with Fe, Cr and C as basic components. The matrix of the newly solidified high chromium cast iron is austenite, which is stable only when heated to a higher temperature and is saturated by elements such as C and Cr. When the temperature decreases, austenite will change. Under normal conditions, high chromium cast iron has a multiphase structure mainly composed of austenite. The cast iron with this structure can give full play to the potential of the material itself when used at high temperature.

    High chromium cast iron is a chromium white cast iron with chromium content between 12% and 28%. Due to the large amount of chromium, M3C carbides in white iron become M7C3 carbides. This alloy carbide is very hard, giving high chromium cast iron good wear resistance. On the other hand, M7C3 carbides are distributed in rod-like isolation during solidification, which improves the toughness of high chromium cast iron to a certain extent.

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