Interact Madden coins with coaches and players

  • Madden needs to interact more meaningfully with coaches and players

    One of my favorite things about the franchise model of NBA 2K is that it positions you as one of the big companies. Yes, basically you can still entrust your team with what you want to do, but you also have some employees with their own opinions. Often, assistants, players, and even owners will put pressure on your decisions, and they will be unhappy if you choose to ignore them.

    Madden 20 is a step towards meaningful player interaction in this year's update. Its new "Scene engine" will allow you to contact players or coaches on a regular basis and they will usually ask you to buy mut coins during the game (for example, to turn off Todd Gurley). It's good... But... It's mainly to reconstruct the existing in-game goals, and the penalty for not achieving the goals is the relatively moderate decline in player morale.

    FIFA often doesn't benefit a lot from the community because they don't have enough to renew their franchise, but over the years it has had a great interaction with the players. In a typical season, you will have to balance the relationship between playing time and fatigue, and if players are dissatisfied, they can sometimes cause controversy or forced withdrawal. At its best, these little scenes can inspire dynamic storylines that change throughout the season. These solutions have not been updated in the past decade, which is why they are considered obsolete, but Madden provides a stronger product blueprint.

    These moments are important because they provide more opportunities to make mut coins and interesting decisions, which are at the heart of any good simulation. Madden's cartographic reconnaissance is an area that can be greatly improved by a little more interaction. For now, reconnaissance is done by inadvertently spending points to unlock player statistics, and basic consolidated statistics and news headlines provide further clues about its potential. It's a fairly rigid and boring experience that should be handled by your team's scouting department. Almost all other sports simulation games provide examples of how to deal with scouts.

    At the very least, the ability to hire offensive, defensive and special team coordinators will be great.

    Now it's time to fix the owner mode

    Since Madden 25's return, the owner model has been inevitably broken. Its economic system is meaningless and provides no meaningful feedback. The only reason to play this game is that you can choose to migrate and become one of the preset expansion teams (NHL and NBA 2K can find more available places in Madden's lunch, and you can have multiple teams in a city, which can be expanded and customized).

    At present, a complete overhaul cannot save the "owner mode", and it seems increasingly unlikely to happen. But if EA decides to try, I point it to a potentially interesting model: Pocket League story. Kairosoft's delightful little football simulation game is simple on the surface, but it has many mechanisms that can work well in a potential owner mode.

    The pocket League story is based on a proven formula. You can make money by winning games, and as you progress, you can build the ability to build new facilities that unlock unique opportunities to generate money and fan interest. More money allows you to recruit stronger coaches, who in turn can select and develop stronger players. Visualizing success through a complex team grows as your team grows larger and more successful.

    I'm happy that some enterprising development teams adopt this model and really bring the owner pattern into their own model. Although there is no miracle, I don't want EA to invest any resources in this aspect that Madden NFL has been neglected for a long time.

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