real difference between POE and Diblo

  • Now you'll start to see the real difference between the two games. As in Poe, you can not only acquire skills by selecting them from the list. In Poe, you can wear skill jewels. There are 3 gem colors:

    -Green (Agile)

    -Red (intensity)

    -Blue (wisdom)

    These gems must be soaked in the specified color on the equipment. Each character can use gems of all skills as long as they meet the statistical requirements. Beside the skill gem, there are auxiliary gems. These auxiliary gems support active skills to make them stronger or have special effects on them. When upgrading, you can gain passive skill points at every level you get in the passive skill tree. Basically, that's how you create builds. Of course, there are some meta builds in the game, just like in Diablo, but in Poe, you will have more control over the results. Although this system is a great addition to the game, it may be a little too much for the novice due to its complexity.

    Now let's look at the leveling aspect of Poe, because it's different from Diablo. By buying Poe Currency, you will upgrade your characters mainly by executing the story mode, which currently includes 10 acts. Each action has its own boss, just like in Diablo, but I think the main difference is that upgrading through the storyline is not as boring as in Diablo. I find Poe very interesting. Although I do have to say that games from 1 to 20 start a little bit slowly, to be honest it's not impressive. Therefore, unlike Diablo, you can upgrade to level 70 at most and start farming parrots and equipment here. In Poe, you upgrade slowly, and when you can make a map, the "end game" will start. The highest level you can achieve in Poe is level 100, but most players set their goal to around level 90, because the last 10 levels will take you a lot of time.

    It is also worth mentioning that there is no "Adventure Model" like Diablo 3. But something like a crack in a Poe is called a map. Once you have reached a certain level and completed the first few actions, you can use the map equipment to start the instance dungeon, which behaves like a crack. You can upgrade those maps, which will give you more rewards, but also increase the difficulty.

    As for gear quality, as in Diablo, you will have different quality levels in Poe. In Poe, you have:

    Normal (white)

    Magic (blue)

    Rare (yellow)

    Unique (Orange)

    A normal item is a base item without any additional modifiers. Magic items have the same properties as base items, but they also have an extra prefix and an extra suffix modifier. Rare items can have up to 3 additional prefixes and 3 suffix modifiers. Unique items are similar to the way the legend works in Diablo, and they will have special modifiers, such as the ability effect. All of these items can be upgraded or their modifiers can be changed using a special currency.


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