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  • Yep I totally hear you and I bet it will work. You might need to be dilligent about handing out forfeits or even black list individuals who maintain breaking principles, the nba 2k21 mt coins more rules you have the more folks will attempt to break them but also I know there are cool folks out there which would have no problem following these principles and would like such a league, myself included tho I don't have playstation otherwise I'd be on it.

    Finally someone wants real basketball at 2k and not one of this meta bullshit. When/if you bring this to Xbox I am in, I love this idea!Using a form of payment such as a Paypal Gift (Friends/Family), Venmo, cryptocurrency, or any sort o.I am willing to buy it, if you'd love to remain business with the $30 price.

    Yeah it's just publishers being covetous is . They will take Stadias cash while it continues and only ignore the true consumer. Sports games are predominantly played in consoles. They're getting their micro transactions from this crowd.They're being offered cash hand over fist by google to produce their games exclusive while also carrying a smaller cut (less then the typical 30%) of those transactions.

    They'll ignore the GFN foundation for buy mt nba 2k21 this money until Stadia goes under. And we all know it will. They are dumping money into games rather than fixing their shitty technology or business version. GFN is precisely what everyone was searching for. A way to play with their PC games from the couch.