Would have made it in Madden nfl 21 coins

  • DK was a person I strongly considered and would have made it in Madden nfl 21 coins most other years, but the seasons Jefferson, Hopkins, Adams and Diggs have had marginally pips him imo.I'd love to see a new DK card though, that card is juiced af and made me regret taking MVS as my free standouts when they initially released.

    I'd say Myles Garrett had a better year then Trey Hendrickson and the Browns had the best rated offensive lineup in both passing and running so I'd imagine they get at least one on the o line

    Concerning OL, I didn't have much to go on (PFF has their O-Line statistics secured behind Elite, also I do not have enough cash to cover that haha) Wyatt Teller was my #1 ranked RG before shifting back to Zack Martin. This has been upgraded.

    Maybe next they'll give us a DUMP TRUCK X factor where it gets your player thicc af and he does not stop yelling, pushing the heap an excess few yards. I am talking Micheal Turner levels here.

    For some reason I enjoyed that track better in buy Mut 21 coins WWE 2k16 over Madden. Prolly because I only played Madden 16 for the 1st month before it turned into a dust collector for me.Madden 06 revealed me that the wonderfulness that was Fall out boy, avenged sevenfold and early thrity seconds to mars AND Foo fighters....idk what the hell any match past 12 showed me.

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