Available for the main match into OSRS

  • OSRS gold is obviously doing gangbusters. No surprise there, the game has been doing incredibly well and everyone knows it.

    I would recommend getting cautious, however; I remember a couple of months ago there were rumors that the bigwigs were starting to look to OSRS since the long run due to the financials, and this sort of data would really support that talk.

    Positive attention isn't always excellent.I believe with the quantity of new devs they have hired this year, and with MikeD saying that they want to double the magnitude of the dev group, I'd say that the management has really realized that OSRS is their strongest product now.

    So long story short jagex should flip the amount of personnel available for the main match into OSRS.I mean that they kind of already possess. If you look at any information post, the number of mods OSRS has is sort of insane compared to what it was the other calendar year.

    I don't know how many are specifically RS3 because a lot of Cheap Rs gold mods work for your company and are shared between all projects. In any event, I do not think that giving RS3 fewer mods will help the match any because they do want more employees in areas like art than OSRS, and the last thing RS3 needs is fewer updates.

    Honestly, I think we do not desire more devs. At least not only a sudden doubling from the dev team size. I don't want half-rinsed content just for the sake of it, and that I also don't desire genuinely bad ideas which are thrown in since someone had an idea that doesn't match our match.

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