Weirdness in the Mut 21 coins

  • Together with the lockdown and weirdness in the Mut 21 coins itself it's certain to be among the worst, even though I really liked 20 as a huge improvement over the worst I have ever played19.I haven't bought one in three or four decades. I only played H2H which I miss, but I would try franchise out to see if it got any better and it was generally the exact same thing.

    I personally don't care how many new features they add to franchise, the game will never be entertaining till they alter how the cpu chooses plays.

    It doesn't matter how hard you create it, if you make a couple adjustments on defense you will block the cpu until the two minute marks, than God mode turns on and you really have to try hard to create a play.On offense all I really want to do is fake the cpu out. I'd really like to really find some different game programs than the generic ones they have planned out for every defense.

    Went back and played with a madden 12 franchise yesterday and it is frankly kind of shocking how much worse the matches have gotten in the previous 9 decades. The images are undoubtedly better but I can't think of a single other aspect that is honestly an improvement differently.

    I grew up without an adequate computer and I did not get my first actual console until well into high school so I've never actually bothered about images. I just want Something Which Mmoexp Madden 21 coins plays nicely lol It may not be an NFLPA thing but their representatives and staff management may advise against it. I'm sure someone important is not happy with this remark and Keenan might hear about it.

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