It is only an indicator you use to OSRS gold

  • The point is that they can look at these evident accounts and see if they're promoting gold. You do not prohibit them for KC, it is only an indicator you use to OSRS gold help narrow down who you're looking at for gold purchasing.

    It's also ridiculous to think that it's somehow a large problem that impacts the game going onto Steam. Bots are an issue that impact the games' economy and also the top pages of the hiscores.

    Newbies will care as soon as they attempt to make money and realize that each of the minimal level collecting methods have horrible gp/hour because the supplies have been devalued by robots and goldfarmers killing supervisors all day.Bots are poor. Let me get that out of the way and prevent any straw man arguments. Bots are bad. However, I really don't think that argument works at all.

    Newbies will be thrilled that provides are cheap as hell so that they do not need to Buy Runescape gold devote ridiculous hours farming cash to finance their buyables.

    Affordable supplies helps the newbs that wish to buy the equipment and hurts the newbs that wish to create money selling them. Expensive supplies hurt the newbs who want to buy them and help people who want to make money.

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