That tells me that the meseta pso2

  • It is a 8 year old game if you're a"JP vet". At this point, restarting is not any different than them increasing the level cap. They said that a ton of your own gear will also transfer but may not be usable till you hit a certain level.

    I don't want to give up my stuff but I also don't want to be left from new experiences. In the event the new experience requires me to provide everything up that tells me that the meseta pso2 new experience is awful. A correct new expansion would be balanced around the occurrence of everything we've got in pso2 now.

    If we complacently just accept objectively shitty practices like make a sequel to a very long running service game instead of correctly updating said service game with the new game mechanics and motor then developers will continue with their shitty practices.

    As somebody who played in JP years ago and has been completely enjoying PSO2 NA, you have to understand that PSO2 is a small conundrum when it comes to game design. cheap PSO2 Meseta in and of itself is archaic and clunky as hell at this point, if you're willing to accept all that (especially for 8 years) then I really don't know what to tell you.

    You say don't want to lose out on new adventures, but how can experience truly be new if you're permitted to just skip everything in a new adventure? Again, alotta of your stuff will move, we dont know just how much just yet tho. You still have probably over a year to appreciate your current stuff.

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