WOW: Defensive Warrior

  • WOW: Defensive Warrior


    Defensive Warrior is a branch of the warrior profession in the online game World of Warcraft, which mainly strengthens the defense and survival skills of the warrior.

    Basic information about defense fighters
    Optional Race: Alliance: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Delaney, Werewolf.
    Horde: Orcs, Undead, Troll, Tauren, Goblin.
    Available weapons: one-handed sword and two-handed sword, one-handed hammer and two-handed hammer, one-handed axe and two-handed axe, long-handled weapon, wand, dagger, shield, cymbal and darts, shield;
    Available equipment: cloth armor, leather armor, lock armor, plate armor (highest priority);
    Compared with the violent warrior and the weapon warrior, the defensive warrior holding the shield with one hand and one hand with one hand is not hurting, but living, and a large number of skills and talents for reducing damage make the defensive warrior face a powerful enemy. Have the confidence to stand up. This makes the defensive warrior an irreplaceable position in the tank position of the replica iron triangle. Become a pillar profession in the copy.
    However, since all the energy is placed on the defensive, the defensive warrior's attack damage is very low, and the defensive warrior of the 60th-level era is very painful. This makes the defensive warrior very weak in the field of Daguai and PVP. Therefore, the defense talent is completely unsuitable for upgrading and doing tasks. Those who can rise to 60 with their defensive talents are treated as "God." Vanilla WOW Gold allows you to purchase a variety of equipment in the game, making yourself better than other players.

    Defensive Warrior in TBC and WLK

    After TBC and WLK, Blizzard made great changes to the soldiers, strengthened the defense talent's damage and control skills, plus high-injury skills and attributes, so that defensive fighters can also have a place in PVP.
    It is also with the opening of TBC and WLK that Blizzard has also strengthened the talents of several other tank professions. The protective knight, the death knight wild bear has become a competitor of the defensive warrior. In the face of the group of fast hatred and high anti-riding, bloody and thick wild Germany, can fight against the death knight, the defense fighters seem to be slightly inferior in all aspects. This pair of anti-wars was greatly affected by the position of the copy tank. And Blizzard's sharp increase in violent and weapon talent has also caused a large number of defensive fighters to switch talents into weapons or violent industries. This led to a significant reduction in the number of defensive fighters. WOW Classic Gold is a great benefit to you. If you want to buy it, click on to buy gold coins.


    Passive skills: defensive posture (10% reduction in damage), toughness (10% increase your armor), and strong front line (10% increase your chance of deadly block after successful parry)

    Active injury reduction skills
    Alert Guardian: Focus your defensive awareness on a squad or team member, resetting the cooldown of your taunting skills whenever the target is hit, and allowing you to use revenge as if it were caused to you 20% of the damage is the same. This skill lasts for 30 minutes. You can only cast this ability to a target at the same time.
    Blocking: Run to the team at high speed and intercept the next melee or ranged attack on the team, while reducing their total threat by 10%.
    The warrior's blocking skills are really good in protecting teammates. High-speed running to teammates and resisting any damage for teammates, this makes every player who is assisted by the soldiers have an inexplicable touch.

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