What Are The Advantages Of China Mechanical Parts

  • The production efficiency of China Mechanical Parts is high, the operation is simple, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation. The advantages of Chinese mechanical parts processing:

     First, China's mechanical parts processing, high production efficiency, simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. This is because metal stamping dies and metal stamping equipment rely on precision processing, which can reach dozens of strokes per minute, generally according to the number, and the pressure is as high as hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. One stroke per metal stamping stroke may be obtained. stamping.

     Second, hardware stamping dies guarantee, because the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of metal stamping parts generally do not damage the surface quality of metal stamping dies, and the use time is long, so the quality of metal stamping is not disordered, interchangeability is good, and it is "exactly the same" feature.

    Third, the hardware stamping process has a wide range of sizes and parts with complex shapes, such as small clocks and stopwatches, automobile side members, covers, plus the cold deformation and hardening effect of metal stamping materials, and the punching strength and stiffness are very high.

    Fourth, Automobile Press Parts are generally free of chips and natural, and consume less material, and do not require any heating equipment. It is a processing method of the present invention that can save materials and energy.

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