Path of Exile update 3.9.2 released this week

  • By this weekend, the Path of Exile's Action RPG team will release a 3.9.2 patch. The group will introduce the merchant's new formula for Metamorph organs, as well as improvements and balance changes in the current league, Atlas, and battles with the Awakened. Besides, if players need Buy POE Currency, I recommend considering MMOAH because they are professional and cheap.

    Grinding Gear Games is about to release the 3.9.2 update of the action RPG Path of Exile this week. It should add a new trader's recipe for Metamorph organs to the game, so three organs can be replaced with a random organ, which is different from the organs provided.

    The team will fix bugs related to the inability to freeze Metamorph's leader. The opponent's various skills will be adjusted. New historical objects will appear in the area where the leader of the Atlas Conqueror is located.

    The level of the Awakener will be lowered from 84 to 81 from the first to the fifth. The ivory tower body armor will get a unique 3D model. The path on the world map will once again appear in a straight line. Developers will fix bugs that will increase DirectX 11 memory consumption. In areas above level 83, it is now possible to obtain sulfites.

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