About Path of Exile: Atlas Conqueror 3.9.0 Patch

  • Patch 3.9.0's temporary challenge alliance is called Metamorph, and in the game, it is the process of collecting monster fragments for a scientist in Wraeclast. You can then pack them all into a morphing robot to build a boss opponent based on your ideas. In the game you increased the chance of dropping POE Currency, and also gave the creature special abilities. Then as a bonus, you can use the catalyst to improve the quality of rings, amulets, and belts for the first time.

    So far, the story of the Path of Exile campaign revolves around the World Atlas, in which you can defeat the ultimate boss shaper and elder, accompanied by a story about cartographer Zana. Patch 3.9.0 changes the following: The game continues to tell exiles how to become more powerful after defeating the elders and unable to stop looking for monsters in Atlas. Zana locked these crazy exiles out of fear of her ability on the atlas.

    One of the conquerors of the Path of Exile Atlas mastered wind and ice, which will keep us alert. Because it can shrink the battlefield and place deadly icicles. Instead of fighting in the corner of the map all the time, players should start from the center and gradually unlock the map type. For this, you may need a guardian stone, which can be obtained by defeating the conqueror. This way, you also get four new POE Items types with special influence based on the failed boss. In addition to Shaper and Elder items, there are now four other items with unique values ​​and modifiers.

    If you like using bows and arrows, you should be happy because the values ​​and POE Orbs have been modified as well as new skills in 3.9.0. For example, use a slingshot that dominates your battlefield, or fire fast-fire and artillery arrows.

    In addition, you can now capture "wake-up" auxiliary gems in endgames, which, like ordinary opponents, can enhance spells and skills to a greater degree. You do n’t have to worry about it, you can get it at MMOAH. Their website will provide very cheap POE Orbs, and the quality is very good, so you can save time and energy.

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