Where to Start Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage

  • If you’re planning to start the Blue Mage, you happen to be going to would like to head to your Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. You will desire to speak with NPC Zealous  Yellowjacket at (X:10.0, Y:11.0) to begin “Out with the Blue”. In order to Buy FFXIV Gil try and do this, you should already use a level 50 or older Disciple of War or  Magic.In addition, you have to have completed The Ultimate Weapon quest. Basically, you’ll need to contain the base A Realm Reborn game finished. With  this, you’ll be competent to start Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage. It could be the first limited job class in the action. This means that, while you'll be able to play it,  you can find quite some limitations because of it.
    For one, it only goes as much as level 50 currently. Also, you may’t enter any on the Duty Roulettes by it but you are able to do some dungeons and stuff  like that having a premade party. The Final Fantasy XIV Gil Blue Mage learns potentially profitable new skills (nearly 49!) by fighting monsters and copying their abilities in  the earth.

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