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    Speaking to Gadgets 360 in June, Prime Video's India content chief Vijay Subramaniam said film producers were happy to bring films after such a short period because it helped dissuade piracy, for one. (That will be another argument that Jio will likely make as it prepares for "First Day First Show".) He also claimed that films in south India have continued to run in cinemas for 75 100 days, despite arriving on Prime Video after a month, pointing out the love people have for the theatrical experience. But if one were to solely measure audiences' views on the matter from the comments on PVR Pictures CEO Kamal Gianchandani's tweet, you'd think that Indians don't care that much for the theatrical experience, with most complaining about in cinema advertisements, and the pricing of food and beverages.

    With the Drone Power Racers, you able to race along the ground or fly in the air. It also has a great self righting cage so that he always land his new toy upright, even after an epic crash. That means when he crashes, he can immediately go from RC car to drone!

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